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High standard in decoration.

More than 60 years of history

On October 5, 1951 established on 588 Anhanguera Street, in the city of Americana, São Paulo, Meneghel Textile started its activities, chaired by members Macyr Meneghel and Irineu Meneghel. In 1977, with the end of the society between the brothers, Mr. Macyr Meneghel took over the company supported sons Paulo Roberto Meneghel, José Meneghel Neto, Eraldo Meneghel and Marcos Meneghel.

With the expansion of business in 1982 it moved to its new headquarters located at 1701 José Meneghel Avenue, in the same city of Americana. Since 1970 Meneghel Company is dedicated to the production of fabrics for upholstery and decoration and has an industrial park art, modern facilities, the best raw material and strict quality control.

The company constantly invests in automation of its processes and provides a great variety of products. Allied to the talent and creativity of each team, our industry produces unique fabrics, in accordance to the most demanding consumers.


Our fabrics are designed exclusively for decoration area. We have a structure of the most modern loom equipment with Jacquard machines able to produce more differentiated and diversified articles, available on widths of 4,59, 4.92, 9.18 and 10.00 (ft).


With the best machinery for spinning Chenille, we are specialized and recognized for the high standard and quality of articles with different and unique texture.


Our quality control is present in all stages, including the dyeing that allows us to create and customize according to the requirements set by the client, because we have equipment for dyeing fabric and yarn, printing and many other types of complements.

How to finance: Telefones: +55 (19) 3468.6599 / 3468.1667 / 2109.2109
Av José Meneghel, 1701 | 13478-820 Americana / SP , Brasil
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